Tuscany is a family business situated in the region of Tuscany. It has been operating in the selection and cutting of wood for over forty years.

We have an extensive knowledge of the woodlands in Tuscany. We select the best wood for the artisan production of our product Tuscany Drumsticks. Our product is typical of our region and has been manufactured by our craftsman. This product is unique and of high quality.

The manufacturing of the Drumsticks take sometime. The choosing of the wood, the drying period required. The Drumstick are then manually and singularly crafted and polished. The Drumstick are made with seasoned wood for at least two years. They are cut in way that gives this product a high level of compactness.

When you own the Tuscany Drumsticks will hold in your hands a product of high quality and will enhance the sound of the drums. You will own a product that has been hand made from our finest craftsmen and calibrated to the highest standard. You will own a product of finest quality from the Tuscany Woods.




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